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Goviideo turns customer journeys into interactive customer experiences

Our partner Goviideo Interactive specializes in helping companies with advertising and communication challenges that they have to face in a rapidly evolving and constantly changing market environment. Goviideo creates interactive videos that offer a complete customer experience, from beginning to end of the buying process.

A successful cooperation

Goviideo reached out to hihaho as they were looking for a flexible platform that made the creation of interactive videos possible. “Hihaho offers many interactive video options for all kinds of sectors and the hihaho team is always very helpful and flexible with special requests”, says Alberto Paradela Sánchez, Co-Founder & CEO of Goviideo Interactive.

The personal attention for clients’ needs that Goviideo provides, goes hand in hand with what hihaho stands for, which is why our collaboration works so well. Goviideo uses this quality to keep up with and react quickly to developments in market demands. This way they can create interactive content with a fitting brand image and high quality services. The videos act as interactive virtual tours to recreate the feeling of being in an actual, physical store.

Preparing for the future with interactive video

Goviideo sees a future filled with potential for changing digital processes in global markets. Especially because of the growing importance of digitalization as a result of COVID-19.  “Now more than ever is the time to generate more engaging content for customers”, Alberto says. “The interest in interactive video is growing steadily and the satisfaction has been high so far”, he adds.

Goviideo has created many videos for a diverse customer base. They are mainly proud of their productions for the automotive industry, their educational videos and their videos for football clubs. Check out some examples of their videos here.

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