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How to use hihaho to create a game

Did you know you can use hihaho to create a video game? Read this blog to play a Murder Mystery Game and learn how to create a game yourself!

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Interview: 5 tips to quickly improve your video

A year ago, Ivo van Halen started working at hihaho as a product manager. Everything was still new then, but now, a year later, he is the one who decides what will be developed and fixed. Here are some tips from someone who uses hihaho every day!

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Interactive video on the rise in education and L&D

Online video will account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022, according to Cisco's trend monitor. In addition to entertainment and marketing, online video is increasingly used for learning. And there are good reasons for that. 

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Panopto, Mandarin and the question interaction - November update

Every once in a while, we’re going to tell you about the changes in hihaho. Today, we’ve got some updates that might be useful to you!

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The benefits of interactive video in health care

89.1% of the health care professionals want to learn more using interactive video. What are their reasons? How can hihaho improve the quality of health care? Our new partner in health care, Profportaal Zorg (PPZ), explains.

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25.000 videos made interactive with hihaho

Take a look at this infographic for some fun facts about hihaho! Which interaction is most popular? And how many countries use hihaho?

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Upload your video to hihaho - September update

We’ve launched our new upload feature! Before, it was necessary to upload your video on a video platform and then add interactions in hihaho. But from now on, you can upload your videos directly to hihaho.

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Interactive video is becoming more popular

Jane Hart's 2020 list of the Top Tools for Learning confirms the trend that interactive video is becoming more popular.

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What video editing software would be best for you?

When you create videos, you'll need video editing software to edit your scenes. But what video editing software would be best?

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