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How To Prepare Your Shooting Day Like A Pro

In our experience, shooting days are like weddings; they rarely go as planned. No matter how much time and effort you put into planning the perfect shooting day, it’s best to be prepared for some possible setbacks. Put your organizational skills to use and create a solid schedule for the shooting day with this blog!

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Anglure: pioneers in simplexity

Anglure is a content marketing agency that is on top of everything related to video communication and marketing. They’re dedicated to bringing high quality brand stories to life and pioneers in simplexity. Curious what that means and how they combined it with interactive video? Then continue reading!

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StoryTemple’s immersive story presentations

When presenting, have you ever experienced difficulty with conveying your message in the best way possible? Our partner StoryTemple helps companies to unlock the full potential of presentations so they can create impressive and interactive presentations themselves within minutes.

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Axveco logo

Reference by Alex Dowdalls from Axveco

Axveco collaborated with hihaho to create new learning paths for subjects like Data Driven business models, Data Management and Artificial Intelligence. Together we developed a training programme that consists of eLearning including interactive videos. Alex Dowdalls from Axveco tells all about his experience with hihaho in this article!

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Goviideo logo

Goviideo turns customer journeys into interactive customer experiences

Our partner Goviideo Interactive specializes in helping companies with advertising and communication challenges. Together with hihaho they started to turn customer journeys into interactive customer experiences! Read all about the origin and development of our cooperation in this blog.

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The story of CAREanimations’ success with interactive video

Many people find it difficult to understand the information in a leaflet. Up to 40% of medicines are not used properly or not used at all. This is why CAREanimations decided to turn leaflets into interactive animated videos. Now, they are at 12.452 videos and still counting. Here is their success story!

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Two people watch a video in a coffee bar

Three ways to get information about your viewers

It can be very useful to know who watched your video and how your questions were answered. Hihaho offers three different methods to collect this information. Would you like to find out which method would best suit your goals and situation? Then continue reading!

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Two new interactions - February update

There are two new features in hihaho! They are called ‘Form interaction’ and ‘Linked video’. Interested to know what they can do for you? Then keep on reading!

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Get more clicks

Get more clicks on your interactions

“My video has been watched 3200 times, but only 50 people clicked on my first interaction. What can I do?” one of our users asked. You may be wondering the same. So here is some advice to get more clicks on your interactions!

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