Interactive video can be used in many ways. Are you curious to know what kind of ways? Then check out these examples below.

Interactive real estate tour

This tour will demonstrate how showing houses can be a lot more interactive and appealing. Just add technical drawings of each floor combined with the hotspot interaction, and you’re good to go!


Great for creative agencies

Multiproduktion from Sweden created a lot of productions using hihaho. You will find two examples below. You don’t have to know Swedish to understand the added value of interactive video!

This first video shows how you can use hihaho to explain a project in an interesting way. Who would you like to meet? What questions would you like to ask? Decide what you want to see and click.


What better way to introduce a game than to use interactive video to do it? Since viewers can click on buttons, this promo already feels like a game on its own!


Car promotion

Take a look a the new Renault Captur. Thanks to the interactive buttons, you can decide what part you’d like to see in more detail.


Interactive portfolio

You don’t have to speak Spanish to be impressed by this demo. This is a very advanced and creative way of using interactive video!

How to separate waste in a hospital

If you want to make sure that the entire staff is up to speed with certain rules and regulations, an interactive video can be very helpful, as shown in the next demo video.


A lesson about the solar system

Interactive video can also make learning more fun for children. Check out this Spanish video below to discover how.


Street interview about interactive video

Voxpops from the United Kingdom used street interviews to find out what the public had to say about interactive video.



Interactive video can also be used to turn long, complicated manuals or medical prescriptions into clear videos. Using the menu interaction, your viewers decide what part of the video is relevant for them to know. You can even add subtitles.